American Apparel is known first for their vast selection of neon spandex garments and second for their racy ads. Seriously, I almost rear ended someone because there was a naked lady on a billboard wearing hipster glasses and I thought I spotted a nip. Thank goodness my eyeballs told my brain “No, just a little areola” in time for me to look back at the road and slam on my breaks. Severe whiplash aside, American Apparel’s new ads and mannequins feature a whole lotta bush. Okay, actually a completely natural amount of bush. But our peepers aren’t used to seeing so many pubes ever since all the fashion magazines told us that bald is beautiful! Is the company making a statement? Does this mean the bush is back? Are people gonna skip the wax sesh and start rocking nests of short and curlies? Because I don’t care: I do what I want and you should too. What you do with your down-there hair is nobody’s business but your own. So what if you’re a little forresty, dye it funky colors, braid it, or wax it into funny shapes? Not my problem. Not my problem, or my business. Seriously, I’m in the business of minding my own business when it comes to how other people tend their private parts. They’re called private for a reason, people!


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  1. poopsie

    Welp, I stopped shaving them when Cameron Diaz told me to.

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