This is the Funkybod Muscle Top, basically a push-up bra for dudes. Why they call it Funkybod is beyond me. No one wants a funky bod. It should be called like, I dunno, Hunkybod? The person responsible for naming this thing is totally reading this right now saying “OMG Hunkybod? Why didn’t I think of that? Stupid stupid stupid!” and his boss is reading this too and is like “Okay, that guy is totally fired.” Or at least that’s what’s happening in my head! The Funkybod Muscle Top has built-in pads to beef up your biceps, triceps, and pecs. What ever happened to going to the gym? I mean, I know it’s not for everyone (me, for example), but you either A) pump some iron and earn your muscles or B) learn to embrace your moobs, dammit!

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Via: Jezebel


  1. jess_martincues

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  2. Crowther Amanda-Beth

    Even you dude can do some simple exercises at home not gairntee pecks or notjing but keep somewhat in shape. If you ever get a wife and ya get baby on way sence ya have moobs you would be ideal pumping man who could help feed child that way. Ya men c a an lactate.

  3. DrDoc

    You should be shopping for…you know…LANGUAGE.