Redditor lucasavancini posted this picture of a parrot wearing a hoodie with the caption “In case you had never seen one, here’s a bird wearing a hoodie.” Call me sheltered, but I had never seen one. Now I have. And I have so many questions: Do my eyes deceive me? Where did you find a hoodie so small? How did you wrangle him in it? Or is that a girl parrot, in which case, how did you wrangle her into it? When’s lunch? So many questions, no answers. Only this picture lucasavancini has posted of yet another aviane in outwear: a chicken in a jacket. Riding a a motorcycle. What next? A toucan wearing a peacoat?A flamingo in a vest? A turkey in a blazer? A bluejay in a windbreaker? Because OMG YES! Please show me all of those things.


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