This is all 18 32 26 letters of alphabet in a man’s facial hair. The bearded man in question is Mike Allen. Why did he do it? For science! No — because his friends dared him to do it. In total, it took Mike two years to complete all the letters, plus some punctuation. That’s a TWO YEAR long dare. Must’ve been a double dog dare, because that is intense. Too intense, in fact. Sounds to me like bro bro needs to get some new friends. Just kidding, good friends are hard to come by and bad friends are better than no friends right? I dunno, I’m just assuming. I’m on the no friends end of the scale and nothing could be worse than this. Seriously, I’m so desperate for camaraderie, I drew a face on a lampshade. I even bought her a wig. Yes it’s a her! How do I know? Well, her name’s Janice. That’s a lady’s name.


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