Did you immediately snag a pair of those sweet R2D2 TOMS only to realize that you have nothing to wear them with? This R2D2 Skirt by Etsy seller GoChaseRabbits is just the thing you need. You know what would pull the whole outfit together? The R2D2 helmet. Ooh! And if you’re doing a little cooking just tie on your R2D2 apron. Got an iPhone? It’s not really complete without the R2-D2 case, so you’re gonna need one of those too. Then you’ll finally be the coolest kid on the block. Orrrrrrrr the neighbors will start to call you “The crazy down the street who reeeeaaaaally really likes R2D2.” And they’ll be right! I love you Artoo — I want to BE you!! Beep boop bop.

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Via: www.geeksaresexy.net

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  1. Zack Mandell

    Wow. Why is it that when they make awesome Star Wars stuff for the ladies it’s just smokin’ hot, and when they make it for the dudes they’re terrified to wear it in public?

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