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Halloween is just around the corner, but here are some Halloween products you’ll want to use ALL YEAR LONG.

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Gummy Bear Candle* — $30

It looks like a candy but do not eat! This cool candle will slowly reveals the metallic skeleton as the wax melts. It looks yummy and then scary!


Skull Planters* — $14

And my high school guidance counselor said that I have an empty skull…

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, first use this planter as a candy dish for Halloween and then use it to grow live plants!


I Get Brain Candle & Candle Holder* — $59

Who would have thought that a brain candle could smell so, so good?! Who knew??


Skeleton Hand Jewelry Tidy* — $60

Hey, can you give me a hand and hold my jewelry? Thanks.


Skull Tea Infuser* — $12

Molded from safe silicon, this infuser is a creepy way to enjoy your earl grey. And it is cleverly designed so you can use the bones to rest the skull!


Skeleton Hand Hair Clips — $10

I dance like I have two left feet and I secure my hair with two left skeleton hands.


Jack Skellington Painted Figure – $45.99

Painted figure and stand is 7 inches tall on your shelf and 10 feet tall in your heart.  A great gift for any Nightmare Before Christmas fan!


Creepy Eyeball Candle — $26

You can choose from blue, green, or brown. The candle lasts for about 14 hours, which would be one hell of a Halloween party.


Whiskey Bones AKA Skull Whiskey Stones — $25

Be cool while you cool down your drink – without watering it down. Made from hand carved granite. Chills super quickly in your freezer.

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