When Arizona comes up in conversation, it’s most often about the Grand Canyon or the endless amount of history that keeps getting unearthed here.  Whether you’re more about the beautiful landscape, a low cost of living, or friendly locals: this state has it waiting for you.

These are the top things to know if you’re considering a move to Arizona!  Although much of the state is a hot desert: it doesn’t deter those who love it from getting to enjoy being out in the sun.

Why Arizona?

What about Arizona seems to call out to so many people?  For many, the biggest pull is the warm weather.  If you’ve spent a lifetime in freezing temperatures, it’s no surprise that Arizona would be calling to you.  On top of this, Arizona’s economy is incredibly strong, and most housing is affordable.

A higher average income and lower cost of living means that locals get to spend their money on things that matter more to them: and in most of Arizona, that’s outdoor sports ranging from hiking to rock climbing.

In Tucson

Tucson may not be as well known as Phoenix, but it’s a cultural and financial hub.  Tucson has seen many companies come and go as the original home to the Lisa Frank fad that swept the nation in the 90s (and is making a huge comeback now).  This area is well known for creative locals and incredible food.

Although they don’t have Phoenix’s population or fame, this city has endless things to do for entertainment, lots of friendly locals, and very inexpensive housing. So if you want Arizona at the lowest cost while still getting to be in a city: Tucson is the place to go.

In Phoenix

Phoenix is the most well-known area in all of Arizona.  Most famous for its beautiful year-round warm weather, and the incredible desert views that surround it, Phoenix is the only state capital that boasts a population of over a million people.

Although the weather can get extreme in the summer, the countless nightclubs, beautiful gardens, amazing walking trails, and affordable Glendale apartments make it worthwhile.  Those who live here are passionate about their city but have a sense of humor about it all the same.  Although it can take some getting used to, there’s nothing as fantastic as Phoenix.

In Tiny Towns

The tiny towns that make Arizona are the most important stops when traveling through this state.  Whether you want to visit tie-dyed eco-friendly Bigsby or drive through small villages on your way to the Grand Canyon, you can find a location that makes you happy without the crowds and noise that most cities provide.

Arizona is unlike any other state; it thrives despite being in the middle of a desert.  If you’re unsure about moving due to the heat, or a fear of not having enough things to do, consider visiting and getting to know the area, as well as the locals.  This area is gorgeous and offers an opportunity for warm winters and clear blue skies.

Image Source: BigStockPhoto.com (Licensed)


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