For the first time, thousands of years ago bonsai trees were grown and taken care in China. They were earlier known as pun-sai and these trees came with less foliage and trunks came in different shapes which looked like birds, animals and dragons. People started to feel that bonsai trees are special and soon it became passion for many to grow them and take care of them. Soon the trend spread towards west and its importance increased for a number of reasons.

Health benefits of bonsai trees

  • Growing bonsai trees need proper caring. You need to trim it, give proper water and care, and add fertilizers from time to time to keep it healthy. This helps you to develop the virtue of patience.
  • Growing and caring bonsai trees works as a great stress reliever.
  • Growing bonsai trees in the indoor space helps to clear and purify air in your home or office.
  • Growing bonsai plants in the indoor can help you get rid of cold. It helps to fight against sore throats, coughs and fatigue.
  • Last but not the least, growing bonsai trees in your space will help you see them grow which will offer you a great sense of satisfaction.

For all these you need to take care of bonsai trees properly. For the same you need to follow a few tips:

Water it properly

You need to water the bonsai trees properly in order to keep them healthy and strong. You need to keep the bonsai plant in a bowl of water to water the plant properly. Till the plant absorbs water properly you will see bubbles and so once it stops forming, you can remove the plant from the pot. Make sure you repeat this process once in a week or as needed based on the climatic conditions.

Proper soil

It is very important that you choose the right soil for your bonsai plant as soil is the thing which provides proper nutrients to it. You will need different types of soil based on different types of plants. You can consult a bonsai specialist to know more about it.

Get proper pot

We all know that bonsai trees don’t grow like other normal ones and they grow in pots. This means you need right kind of pots for your plant. It is said that the depth of the pot should be same as the height of the trunk and its width should be 1/3 of the height of the tree. You may need to change the pot as the tree grows. If you are new to bonsai plants it would be better you get both of them together instead of trying your hand on it. You can even find good deals online from

Proper climate

To keep your tree healthy you need to have proper climatic conditions. During the summers the plant will dry out quickly as the moisture evaporates at greater speed. So better move your plant to a shady region. While during the winters things are opposite and so you can reverse the step and bring it to a place with direct sunlight. You should not leave the soil too wet and so, keep the plant on a window where it will get the bright and sunny rays of sun. Keep it away from the direct air flow from air conditioner or a heater.

Bonsai trees are said to be a good source of positive energy as per the vastu shastra. So make sure you have one at your home or office and attract all the goodness and prosperity.

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