In the latest “insects that look like Pokemon” news, there’s the Venezuelan Poodle Moth. From what I can tell from the photo it has spiky golden horns, beautiful false eyelashes and it gets its fur groomed regularly. Seriously though, this thing is crazy looking. It’s not the kind of moth you chase around your bedroom with a bottle of hairspray (because you’re too lazy to go downstairs and get the bug spray) screaming, “Die you little jerk!” No, this is the kind of moth you chase with a novelty poke-ball because you’re stoned and want to make it battle other bugs.



  1. Mike

    Why use bug spray when you could just catch the moth in a cup or jar and let it go outside? Please try to imagine yourself in the other being’s position when making decisions which affect them. Unless you absolutely have to hurt/kill another being (tapeworms? leatherface? paris hilton?) please consider not doing so. I know many of us live in violent cultures that don’t teach this sort of thinking but, hey, progress my friend … let’s make some 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this picture by the way!
    That is one awesome looking moth!

  2. Matt

    You use bug spray because it bothers you and it is not worth your time to trap and release into the wild. Also, better chance it will come back at that point.

    You animal rights people need to stop forcing your views on others. You’re like the door to door religious person that everyone wants to slam their door on.

  3. Kyle

    You know, Mike isn’t imposing his views, any more than you are with your own, Matt. Just saying.

  4. facts

    Wow amazing dude

  5. serenity

    coolest thing i have ever seen