Youtuber Zooniversity1 posted this video of Teddy the porcupine eating a pumpkin and chatting away like a little cartoon character from another world! Please watch it. And then explain to me what the hell he’s trying to tell us. Any readers speak Porcupinese? If so, how? And let’s hang out some time. That is a bizarre talent and I bet you’ve got a lot of weird stories that go along with it. Start at the beginning!


  1. James

    Wow. I hear the distinct similarities between the Porcupinian and Ewokian languages here. Clearly a common ancestral language between the two.

  2. pcj70

    it sounds like cousin It!

  3. Bryant Warhurst

    Oh man. Every time I watch this I still can’t get over how cute that porcupine is.

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