A Cat Gets The Dragon Cut, Is Clearly Not Thrilled About It

A Cat Gets The Dragon Cut, Is Clearly Not Thrilled About It

This is Merlin the cat sporting a Dragon Cut by The Main Lion grooming salon in Paoli, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it’s fairly obvious Merlin isn’t digging it. I can’t imagine why though — he looks bad to the ass! I bet he’s wishing he could breathe fire right now, but also plotting his revenge. His person better sleep with one eye open! Just kidding, his person better not sleep at all. It’s just not safe, man!

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114 thoughts on “A Cat Gets The Dragon Cut, Is Clearly Not Thrilled About It

  1. Lis

    Might be because cats need their fur to keep cool during summer and warm during winter. Most likely you’ve screwed with his thermostat leaving it difficult for him to regulate his body temperature. But yeah as long as you’re happy, who cares about the cat’s welfare…

  2. Elaine Chelak

    Fairly obvious? To whom? The cat is in a very relaxed position. The head is in a straight forward position. If the cat were not happy about something the head would be pointed more down with the chin tucked and he would be more “crouched”. The cat could care less how he looks. An indoor cat does not necessarily need it’s fur for temperature regulation. A cat can internally regulate their own body temperature after 3 weeks of age. If the cat was matted, he is significantly more comfortable shaved. Maybe learning about feline behavior and body language is in order before you use words like “fairly obvious” and “clearly”. The cat is adorable and I am sure he is just fine. And kudos to the groomer for a stunning groom.

  3. Tyler Matthews

    It certainly is not obvious, you are right about that. But to anyone who has owned a cat, it’s petty safe to assume that it would not like this grooming situation.

  4. Sherry

    haha aww cute! Seriously though this can’t be good for the cat. Cat’s
    need fur to keep cool or warm and so they don’t get skin problems,
    allergies, sun burn, or injuries. So don’t actually do this to your cat.

  5. Sherry

    I agree with you completely. They can also get skin irritation from the razor, and it is also easier for them to injure their fragile skin when scratching or a million other ways. Seriously unless you have a health reason where you have to completely shave the cat (like mange or something) this is not a good idea. I have a ton of cats and care for a feral colony (I have fixed 60 ferals) in my neighborhood. This is not a good trend for a kitty.

  6. Gunner4guy

    Only time a cat should be ‘groomed’ like this is for medical reasons. We just had a feral we TNR’d be shaved like this but he had feces balled up in his long hair and as part of the neutering had to have it shaved. Blacky has a 4′ x 4′ x 5′ cage with bedding, his own litter box(no sharing!!!!) and wet and dry food plus filtered water. He’ll be released when he has a decent coat grown back. What this owner did to Merlin is unacceptable and the groomer should think of trying a different career.

  7. TJ

    It’s a good thing this article is about cats, since all the cat experts are starting to chime in on why cats need hair and what not.

  8. Seven T. Seven

    if u had a cat that gets all matted up in week , you’d trim it too !! STFU !!

  9. Seven T. Seven


  10. Karla Stamps

    They have these “magic” items out called brushes! They are to help keep animals fur from getting matted…..

  11. hilaire

    They are great unless you have a cat who will kill you for taking a brush to her. We got the cats (brother & sister) when they were a year and a half. Had been owned by a family with small children. The female is a long haired calico. She does not like anyone to touch her hip area (you can not even pick her up) – not sure what happened to her before we got her. Know that she now has arthritis in her joints. Since we have started giving her a lion cut (usually at the end of May for the summer) – she is much happier – you can even sometimes take the brush to her now.

  12. Jake AndLisa Bastian

    Wow- since when is grooming your cat inhumane??? Obviously those speaking know NOTHING of Persians & the absolute REQUIREMENT that they NEED to be groomed! A brush doesn’t always work as it actually charges their fur causing it to remat almost instantly!
    Also, there is no razor used! They’re called clippers.
    Temperature regulation? Most responsible pet owners keep cats like this inside – which this cat obviously is during this picture.

    Here’s an idea! How about you lovely individuals do some research before you attempt to contribute to a conversation you clearly have no education in.

  13. Jake AndLisa Bastian

    My cat LOVES to go to the groomer & be groomed. I cannot believe the nonsense I am reading!

  14. Jake AndLisa Bastian

    By the way- this is a gorgeous cut & Merlin is obviously enjoying his debut as a supermodel!

    I interpreted the author as being funny & joking due to Merlin’s “intimidating hair cut”.

    Sense of humor anyone?

  15. Diana

    Whoever owns the cat knows what is best for it. Because, wait for it, it’s his cat!! The cat doesn’t obviously go outside. Besides, nothing seems to be wrong with the cat. And yes. They use clippers. With plastic guards to protect against the skin. Sheesh. Again, not your cat. If you don’t want to do that to your cat, DON’T DO IT!! If I had a long haired cat, I would totally do this though! Still, it’s an awesome do!!

  16. Raven Gilmartin

    If it is an indoor cat, it doesn’t much matter does it? I don’t think most cats would like to be shaved but my roommate had a cat that loved it. To each her own.

  17. Debbie Burke sam

    As merlins owner, he is a very laid back cat and had no problem having this done. It has actually enabled him to enjoy going out on our screened porch because he is much cooler now. Not to mention everyone loves seeing Merlin the Dragon!

  18. Elaine Chelak

    First, since I rescue and also run an animal shelter, thank you for the TNR on the feral and not just sending him to the shelter to be killed. As for the rest: Bull. This cat is clearly not feral. To achieve that groom the cat had to also be fairly relaxed. I’m a professional groomer and I know what cats are and aren’t capable of. And this groomer should certainly not find a new career because her/his skills are outstanding. Indoor cats do not necessarily need their fur like an outside cat does. Many long haired cats cannot clean themselves down to their skin because breeding has manufactured thicker coats. Bathing IS necessary for some cats and many owners choose to go further and shave or shorten long lengths. The cat can also then groom. I always try and dissuade owners from shaving a cat in perfect condition but shaving has absolutely no negative effect on the cat. They may feel funny the first few days but they quickly adapt. I think the comments from people who think they know better than the professionals because they’ve had 1 or 2 cats or simply have an opinion without any real substantive knowledge are ridiculous. BTW, I am also a feline behavior counselor with CE credits from Cornell on behavior ~ that’s how I can tell that the cat is sitting in a completely relaxed manner. One more: the tail is extended. An unhappy cat wraps their tail.

  19. Gunner4guy

    THIS cat may like it but try telling that to indoor/outdoor cats or ferals. Better yet, how about we do it to you? With out your consent??? Neither of us know whether this cat was ‘groomed’ under mild sedation but I’d question the ethics of a groomer who did this to satisfy the owner’s weird idea of how a cat should look. Your paper credits mean nothing if common sense isn’t included. I have 1 cat that constantly has tangled hair on her stomach during the summer so she gets a light clipping, the other long-hairs we own/foster/shelter don’t seem affected like this. As for the tail? Your comment is bogus, I have cats that do both and are COMPLETELY relaxed (however an extended tail can be a target for the youngsters!). We have 34 in residence right now(owned/fostered or are TNR & being sheltered until medically cleared for release), have TNR’d close to a dozen with some choosing to remain in the immediate area and associate with those of ours who go out during the day….and we’ve been doing this for close to 10 years. We see NO reason other than medical to groom a cat as in the picture, anything else could constitute torture.

  20. Elaine Chelak

    Torture? You are f’king clueless. Get over yourself. After 24 years of rescue and all that I have seen and been through, this does not even come close to the realm of torture. Deal with kittens having their paws cut off so they can be fed to snakes without scratching the snake, deal with cats being doused with lighter fluid and burned or be called to a hospital property to help cats who were slashed with knives (they recovered). These are real examples of torture. Good for you! You’ve handled 46 cats by your own count and you’re an expert. I’ve handled thousands. You are exactly the type of person I mention. Little experience but just enough, with a heavy dose of self righteous ego thrown in, to pass your uneducated opinion off on others who have far more knowledge and far more experience than you.

  21. Gunner4guy

    Excuse me? I didn’t cuss at you so I see no reason for you to do so. I applaud your experience, however I wasn’t touting all my experience, just trying to be modest re some recent ones with my current wife. I’ve been doing it at least as long as you in conjunction with 5 different area vets. And not getting paid, just out of our own pockets. We’ve been offered jobs by who is possibly the most up-to-date vet in the area(who teaches vet science for Purdue as well as being a consultant to the State Police for THEIR K9 program) as either techs or assistants–we declined due to other commitments. I’m also a retired K9 handler too. So to you we say, “GET OVER YOURSELF!”

  22. Question Evol Proj

    Our longhair gets depressed and is much happier after being groomed. Almost like a new cat. The dragon (stegosaurus?) cut may make a groomer cry, though. That’s a great deal of work and skill.

  23. Virgil

    I have had cats that get super hyper and happy after getting shaved, during the summer it is hot, I do not wear a fur coat when it is 90, why should they? after they get past the shaving it’s like they revert to being kittens, running all over the place and chasing each others tails, doesn’t seem like torture if they are happy with it, also have had a couple cats that not only liked baths but would climb into the tub with you if you forgot to lock em out, ancient stereotypes of animals do not always follow true

  24. Ad Lib

    I had a cat many years ago that had densely packed six inch length fur. When it was long and dry he was the size of a raccoon. He looked very large. For his comfort, because of heat and chronic matting, we would give him a lion cut twice a year. He loved it. It also showed us how deceptive his size was. Shaved, he was the size of a regular cat. Had this cut been available… Oh yes. In a hot minute we’d go for it. But I’d only recommend it for cats willing to put up with the groomer.

  25. Kim Matthews

    How difficult would it be to leave 1/2 inch of fur? Even in hot weather the cat benefits from its fur as insulation and sun protection.

  26. Ruth Vaillancourt

    Cats and dogs are not guinea pigs! They don’t need their hair cut of in summer either!

  27. goldenseal50

    I don’t think it is a good idea to shave a cat to the skin…idk how fast their hair grows back, but they have fur for a reason.

  28. Kelly Butler

    Did you just imply that cats have the same feelings as humans? And did you imply that a cat is going to be affected by the cut because they won’t like the way it looks? Haha. Are you insane??

  29. GirlFriday

    I’m sorry you think your cat is some kind of art project or fashion accessory! Selfish, irresponsible pet owners like you make me ill.

  30. Gunner4guy

    Only to the point we’re a non-profit pet rescue and sanctuary now and are on a go-to list for our county animal shelter as well as for several animal hospitals. We pre-op and post op care for cats and dog needing it – do you? Can you? for some things. We also do referrals for a number of groomers who do it for a living, a good few of them for show animals. And yes, cats DO have feelings. The groomers we associate with are PRO’s and they ALL have told us that from their observations that’s true. Do they have the exact same feelings..? Obviously you’ve never studied or had much to do with them but if I stuck a needle in your leg or twisted your arm away from your shoulder I bet you’d have feelings…..just as they would.
    IF you bother to look at the way the cat is has it’s fur shaved/cut/etc. is to satisfy the ego of the owner, nothing else. Will the cat be cool in summer & yes it probably will but cats will attack/harass other cats perceived as ‘different’ which this cat visually is.
    MY point is that the majority of ethical groomers would not do this to a cat. A light trim in the case of DLH’s with constantly tangled fur or to ease the effects of heat/humidity is probably acceptable, the trim shown is…..sick. Thankfully, where we live something like that would be considered animal abuse & an ‘A Misdemeanor'(could go up to a Level 3 Felony).. So before you label someone ‘insane’, look in the mirror.

  31. Kelly Butler

    We were talking about a hair cut here. How did that turn into twisting legs and sticking needles?

  32. Gunner4guy

    YOU were the one who brought up whether cats have feelings. I was using an analogy. They may not have precisely the same ones as humans but they do respond to the way they’re treated(just as humans do).
    Case in point: We were called by the local PD to take custody of 8 cats(mother cat, a daughter from the 1st litter and 6 kits from the 3rd one) from a residence where the female was popped for several Level 4 felonies(drug possession & sales/alcohol and armed robberies). The 2 adult cats cringed when my wife tried to pick them up but had no problem when I did. Found out later from children and PD that Mom often battered the children as well as the 2 adult cats while her father(whom she also battered) was their favorite. So tell me again that cats have no feelings. Tell me that given the same treatment YOU wouldn’t cringe also(those 3 children do)(FEELINGS…..). Thankfully Mom can’t make bail($150,000 cash ONLY) and will more than likely spend at least 5-10 in prison on the battery charges alone.
    We(and local vets/groomers/etc.) believe cats(AND dogs) have feelings based on the way they’re treated, which is why we don’t like what appears to be mistreatment. Let’s just drop it.

  33. Vicky

    1) do either of you have a long haired cat? I have a Persian and if I don’t get her shaved twice a year she will literally turn into a giant mat of hair which is absolutely terrible for their skin and it irritates the hell out of them.
    2) my cat seems a ton happier after she gets her hair cut. She is just happy to have no mats.
    3) so it’s fine for dogs to get groomed ever 6 weeks but cats can’t be groomed. Until you have a lot haired cat that needs grooming you don’t know what you’re talking about. The Internet is real dumb sometimes.

  34. Peter Bensley

    You do actually sound pretty insane.

    And practice what you preach, if you want to drop it stop obsessively trying to get the last word.

  35. Jasper Eliot

    Real cat lovers cherish their furry companions for who and what they are. They don’t own pets for the purpose of acquiring self-esteem, laughs, or attention…or for pumping up their ego.

  36. Andrew

    Not taking anyone’s side but after reading these comments I can’t help but feel like you guys are just harassing gunner4guy. Nothing he said was offensive or “insane”. Some of the responses to him are definitely troll worthy. He’s just a fellow animal lover, give him a break and save it for the abusers.

  37. MonaLS

    I have three longhaired cats. One has a gorgeous, long, dense, triple coat. His hair mats at the drop of a hat. By combing him everyday we avoid mats and keep him looking great. The other two have hair that never seems to mat, so they get combed just to remove the loose hair and tidy up a bit. Get your cat used to grooming at home and you’ll never need to shave them barring something untoward.

  38. Mark Ryan Turcotte

    people are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo salty, go somewhere else and waste your breath and complain about real concerning topics. This is no way in any shape or form, that this cat is in any kind of distress or discomfort. The cat looks peaceful. SMH, I wish I could virtual punch some of these people in their forehead.

  39. Sweet Demise

    Girl Friday, had you observed the photo closely, you would have noticed how THICK the cats fur is. Being such the animal lover that you are, you would know that cats don’t sweat and can become very over heated. But instead you want to seem “holier than thou” and belittle the cat’s owner? Please explain to us how you know this family and what is best for this cat that you have NEVER met in your entire life. It’s people like you who can’t think or see the WHOLE “picture” before spewing out your thoughts, that make most of us worried for our future. One can only hope you don’t vote.

  40. Pat Martinez

    What a HORRIBLE thing to do to a cat! Laid back or not, there’s a reason they have fur and it’s not just for warmth.

    This was a purely selfish act by the owner and they shouldn’t be allowed to have pets if they’re going to mistreat them in this manner.

    SHAME on them!

  41. Pat Martinez

    I had long hair cats. I didn’t shave them. We cut their hair using clippers with LONG HAIR attachments. All we did was reduce the length of their fur by an inch or two, and then only in those areas where they had mats that they couldn’t keep from getting. You don’t shave a cat. That’s just mean – especially in the manner in which this poor thing was done.

  42. JazzFan

    My dearly departed Persian had a very long and thick, but fine coat. She hated to be brushed even though we tried. Some cats are just that way. She would mat to the point that it was painful for her. She couldn’t get a mere “short” haircut because the mats would not have come off. We wanted her to feel better, plain and simple. Having her shaved did just that. She was a nightmare for our groomer so we had to take her to be shaved at the vet so she could be sedated. Hated to sedate her but not having her shaved would have been far worse for her. She was much happier after it was done. It was the best thing we could do for her. She lived to a ripe old age for a Persian.

    Since Merlin pictured above didn’t mind getting the dragon cut and felt better with it, then it’s all good. He seems to be a happy cat with a good home. That is the most important thing of all!

  43. JazzFan

    Some cats do not get used to grooming, period. I know, I have been there. All the tricks for this, that, or the other when it came to certain behavior did not work with one of mine. My cat broke all the rules that cats are supposed to follow.

  44. Pat Martinez

    I could say the same to you. A cat’s skin is PAPER THIN and can rip/tear easily. Their fur protects that from happening. They are also susceptible to sunburn when their skin is exposed.

    Their fur also helps them regulate their body heat. Shaving them can actually cause them to overheat.

    GROOMING/CLIPPING them is one thing – but shaving them is something altogether different and not in the cat’s best interest. GROOMING/CLIPPING is what you see in the picture here. SHAVING is what poor “Merlin” went through.

    Vets recommend shaving ONLY where 1) there are mats that you and/or the cat cannot work out, and then shave only that spot where the mat is; 2) medical issues and, again, only the affected area is shaved; 3) Ringworm or other skin issues and, again, only the affected area is shaved.

    No vet in their right mind will tell you that SHAVING a cat’s entire body is in the cat’s best interest.

    But hey, if your owning a cat is all about you and not one bit about the cat, then by all means, shave away.

  45. SomeGuy

    Shaving your cat is very common, and this is neither selfish nor irresponsible. Your judgement is both misplaced, and invalid. There are many good reasons to shave your cat in the summer. Get a clue please before you talk.

  46. SomeGuy

    Sorry, why is it mean? this cat was shaved with clippers, not a razor. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SHAVING YOUR LONG HAIRED CAT IN THE SUMMER. Sorry. You are dead wrong on this. My cat also was very happy with a lion cut in the summer.

  47. Kafuji

    Bullshit. You are kidding yourself if you think for one second this isn’t traumatizing to him. No animal wants to be strapped down and shaved….its incredibly stressful and agonizing for them. It’s 100% animal cruelty…merely because you do this soley for your OWN SELFISH ENTERTAINMENT. This is ALL ABOUT YOU. Zero consideration for HIM. Look how great I m peope!! Gag. Glad I’m not your cat. Get your kicks another way asshole.

  48. SomeGuy

    Bullshit. complete bullshit. There are reasons to shave an animal. It is NOT mistreatment. Mistreatment is feeding them DRY FOOD. If you want to target mistreatment, ANYONE who feeds their cat from a grocery store, or any kind of DRY FOOD is mistreating their cat WAY MORE than this guy. Get a clue.

  49. Kafuji

    Couldn’t agree more!! He’ll get his karma someday for doing this to him….and llearn the hard way to understand that animals are sensitive and highly self aware beings. Especially cats!!. Hope this cat merlin gives it all back to him in another lifetime. Anyone who does this to their animals has it coming! Self serving jerks.

  50. Betsy Raymond

    No. The people with the shaved cats are the ones who will be voting Republican.

  51. SomeGuy


    Try doing some research, you will find your bias incorrect.

    If you want to talk cat welfare, what do you feed your cat? If it’s dry food, or ANYTHING from the grocery store, you are doing far more damage to your animal than a haircut. Try focusing on real problems.

    Heck, anything cooked is not even good for them.

  52. Sherry

    Hey Vicky I have many cats I also care for a feral colony and some of them are Persians. You just need to brush the cat.

  53. Leon Carter

    That is cruel they need there fur to protect themselves and keep warm as they are generally not stay at home pets

  54. GirlFriday

    Yes, shaving a long haired cat because of mats is common and necessary. Shaving your cat in a manner that is obviously for your own amusement is just plain wrong.

  55. GirlFriday

    Cats do sweat, but only through their paw pads. I’ve owned cats for over 25 years and am not stupid. I even own a long haired cat. Shaving a cat because of mats or other issues is fine and absolutely necessary at times. Shaving a cat’s fur into ridiculous designs for no other reason than for the owner’s amusement is simply not something I agree with.

  56. GirlFriday

    Not that politics have ANY place whatsoever in this discussion, but I am not a Republican.

  57. Justin

    Ascribing MORALITY to the action of humans vs basically flesh-built robots without consciousness. Seriously? Grow up. I’ll do ANYTHING I please to a cat. Just like I do anything I like to my Lego blocks.

  58. SomeGuy

    Which is why he did it. There is no rule you can’t have fun while doing something required. If you read the article that was the reason. Want to know what serious irresponsible pet owners do? Feed their cats total garbage. If you buy food at the grocery store or feed your cat dry food you are abusing your cat 100x more than the dragon shave. Target real problems with your judgement.

  59. SomeGuy

    Uhh you are misinformed about what is bad for cats. There is no harm.done to this animal.

  60. SomeGuy

    What razor lol. This is not a shave that close. This was done with clippers and is less painful than brushing your cat. Perspective please

  61. Susan G

    I also gave my Maine Coon a lion cut just once a year because it’s not that hot up here in the Pacific NW. She loved it. She also looked tiny after getting it done. 🙂 I think this cut looks sweet, but it would take a lot more groomer time so they definitely would have to be okay with the whole process. Luna just hated when they shaved around her butt and the dryer (it really scared her) lol

  62. Susan G

    They don’t “strap them down” to groom them. You are very misinformed. My maine coon would get severe mats and be overheated in the summer so we would shave her once a year. We gave her a “lion cut” which is less work than this, but you should not be lumping Merlin’s owner in with the people that go to Sea World with your accusations. Once a cat is used to grooming (just like a dog) it’s no big deal for them. My cat was sooooo much happier in the summer with her lion cut. Now if they were dying the cats hair different colors, or something like that, I would say your accusations would have some merit.

  63. Steve

    Does anyone else read this and hear Morgan Freeman saying it, or is it just me?

  64. Gunner4guy

    Don’t bother to reply as I’m unfollowing this due to lack of interest in trolls.
    I HAVE the last word. Amen. Or Shalom. Your choice.

  65. Lizzy's mom

    I must admit. up till a few weeks ago my long haired (indoor only)tuxedo cat finally got a lion cut. Her hair doesn’t get matted but she has ALOT of hair. As soon as the temps start to rise, so does hers. No matter how I try to control the temps in the house, she suffers from over heating. Granted when I first saw my cat after her shave I was shocked by the gray coloring of her fur (same as the picture above). But I will tell you, my girl is still outgoing and loving. It’s only been a few weeks and her hair is coming in, but I will tell you one thing, as the temps start to rise again, she will be comfortable. this is going to the first spring/summer she is actually going to be able to enjoy. I love my cat and will do what ever I can to make her happy. Taking her to get shaved to cool her off just like I would take my son to the barber to get a shave for the summer. Everyone has their own thoughts on this matter. But at the end of the day it’s the owner of the cat who knows the cat better than anyone else. My cat never steps outside unless it’s a vet visit, I will agree with one of the people on here. She is a lot smaller without all the hair. I don’t plan to do it twice a year, just once a year.

  66. MonaLS

    Nonsense. The one with triple coat hated being brushed or combed. It took a very long time to get him to accept grooming. I started just a little bit at a time, and did just a little everyday, and a little more, and a little more. Years later he actually enjoys it a bit. But it took time and patience.

  67. Kate

    Why would anyone do this to their cat or any animal? How disgusting! I suppose the cat has been declawed also!

  68. Tasali

    Doing anything you please to a cat will likely land you in jail for animal cruelty, which kind of sounds like where you belong anyway.

    Pets aren’t robots, they feel pain and discomfort. They are living creatures.

    If anyone sounds like a robot around here, it’s you. Don’t a be trolling dick.

  69. Fangirl71

    OK Crazy Cat Lady… Just an FYI here, but there is a difference between an indoor cat and a feral cat… If the cat is running around outside getting into garbage and dirt or possibly fighting with other cats then shaving them is not a good idea. If, on the other hand, you have an indoor cat who does not go outside and get into things that could possibly injur their “fragile skin” then what a your problem? Did someone come and take one of your cats & shave it against its will??? Are you afraid the other neighborhood cats are going to come over and make fun of Merlin??? You are certainly entitled to your opinion on the subject but there is no need to be so judgement all or rude. (And for the trolls who are going to say that I am being rude here, I’m doing it to prove a point, Sherry is doing it to be a bitch.)

  70. Fangirl71

    Not all animals tolerate these so-called “magic” items. If they were truly “magic” then this entire discussion would likely never have taken place.

  71. Fangirl71

    What does voting have to do with this conversation at all in any way shape or form other than you just trying to stir the pot & intentionally make Girl Friday angry? Try to stick to the subject…

  72. WarriorWolfeh

    You literally know nothing about the owner or how this cat was shaved. The owner has stated that he’s a laid back cat who had no problem getting this done. Cats with long fur get matts and overheat often and lion cuts are common, this is the same idea as a lion cut but just takes a little bit more work.

  73. WarriorWolfeh

    He wasn’t shaved, he was clipped, idiot. The cat isn’t going to get sunburnt indoors, idiot.

  74. Irene

    Treat animals better than humans, do you? I’m sorry you treat people as some kind of philosophical projject or activist animal rights accessory and Facebook as a place to do it. Go get a life and a sense of humor. Both worthy accessories for all!

  75. Irene

    Wah wah wah. Shaving cats and dogs in excessive heat is necessary. How’s the weather around your Ivory Tower. It get over 100 degrees in the summer where I live. And pet death from heat exhaustion is very common and cruel.

  76. Irene

    No she’s a socialist voter. Looking for that one prefect candidate to help her tell people how they should live. What they should like. What they should own. And who they are going to tell to pay for it all. A Republican would market this idea to make money. A dem would ban the very thought and a socialist would threw the owner in prison and take the cat for himself. Lol

  77. Sarah Roney Dalton

    Speaking of fragile skin, that doesn’t apply to all cats. From giving shots ourselves to 6 cats, I learned that the skin varies anywhere from almost leather (Classic Tabby) that was difficult to punch a needle through to tissue paper thin (Siamese). Depends on the animal and breed.

  78. Betsy Raymond

    It is so interesting that so many people here seem to be so angry at people whom they don’t even know, people whose only “offense” is that they are expressing concern for the welfare of an animal that cannot speak for itself.
    Much of the stuff being posted here people wouldn’t dream of actually saying to someone’s face (at least, I hope they wouldn’t). I do believe this is the reason people are so infatuated with Donald Trump. He puts his id right out there for everyone to see. His behavior is astoundingly uncivilized, and yet—and this, I think, is what people love best—he gets away with it. People are downright envious of Donald, but really, when you think about it, online invective is hardly any different—it is, likewise, uncalled for and uncivilized, and something one only gets away with by virtue of the anonymity of the medium. Well, that is, one gets away with it as long as one doesn’t believe in either the golden rule or karma…

  79. cats_taste_good

    Gives new meaning to the Chinese food dish of Dragon and Phoenix. 😉

  80. sdsures

    It’s good that it makes him feel better. I’ve had dogs that needed to be shaved down (one Newfie and one large poodle cross) in the hot Winnipeg summers. It’d have been cruel not to shave them.

    If shaving is the only way to deal with severe matting problem, I say do it. Too many cats suffer with dreads from neglect.

  81. Steve Ritnour

    I have not crossed the line into ‘crazy cat person’……..yet….lmao

  82. Castielle Elorea

    You know GIrlFriday, the more of you pissy, judgmental people I come across, the more and more I love my pet.

  83. Moriarty

    I have a black kitty named Merlin as well. But a question that I have is
    do black cats tend to overheat more than any other color cats? I was
    told that black cats, due to the black, overheat in the sun. If that is
    the case, shaving would be an answer to that. Just curious. Not sure I
    would cute mine in a fanciful way like that. Thanks

  84. L Blansett

    Aww, t’aint necessarily so! I’m a certified, card-carrying, knee-jerk, bleeding-heart, hyphen-hyping liberal and I love that cut! I’ve heard plenty of the Trumpets tooting about their perceived social injustices, too. I think smugness is bipartisan.

  85. Amanda Bryant

    No harm done other than total humiliation for the poor cat! Does his head not get hot then?! How does he react when he washes himself?!

  86. Donna Mafrici

    Excuse me? What is cruel is that people allow their animals to become severely matted. Some to the point of being barely able to move. When grooming and clipping, animals are not “strapped down” as you say. To clip an animal is not cruelty, Neglecting them is.

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