In this article we will tell you what is it and where to find royalty free music.

The music of the special corporate genre, which will make the business video bright and inspiring. Background, unobtrusive sound, agile rhythm, transparent arrangement characterize this style of music

Types of corporate music

  1. Musical trademark (logo) – corporate jingle, a kind of sound identifier of the product or manufacturer. It was formed in radio advertising, and its origins go back to a time when there was no talk of advertising in the domestic air. During the development of radio routines, the ability of brief musical intonations and even noises to be carriers of semantic information was revealed.

The motive that performs the function of the logo is usually “inlaid” into the most important, culminating fragment of the advertising context, in the visualization of the product, or in its verbal characteristics with emphasis on the brand.

The differences between the music logo and the music slogan. The melodies of the slogans, for all their brevity, are still quite long compared to the melodies of the logos.

  1. Anthem is a corporate song. The anthem is suitable for large organizations interested in consolidating the corporate spirit, general ideas that the team follows. The tradition of corporate anthems came to Russia from Japan, where the perception of the place of work and the working group as a family is very well developed. Group performance of the corporate anthem before starting work there is normal.

The corporate anthem, as a rule, has two main functions:

  • emphasizes the advantages of the organization, its unique features;
  • works for team building.

According to some advertisers, the song is much easier to write: just tell a little about the history of the company plus add a few solemn words. The anthem must also contain the philosophy of the company, explain its special mission. And since these concepts are not always verbalized, additional forces have to be spent to formulate them.

Royalty free music search

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Here it is few examples what can you find

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You can listen to it for free and pay for it in case of download only. After downloading it is available for commercial use.

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