KidsEmbrace brings us this bad-ass Batman Carseat. It’ll set you back $150, but that’s a small price to pay considering it’s probably the safest carseat ever made.* What makes is the safest? Because Batman is gonna protect you from all that bad guys! Including the ones who aren’t putting you into any real danger, but are honking and giving mommy the finger because she drives slow. Batman HATES roadrage. Also, people who can’t park for shit. Oh, and the kind of person who doesn’t return their shopping cart, they just rest it against another car even though there’s a cart return LESS THAN TEN FEET AWAY, YOU LAZY SLOB! Sorry, sometimes Batman loses his temper when it comes to people being disrespectful and inconsiderate. Batman: he’s just like you and me!

*not proven

batman-car-seat-2 batman-car-seat-3


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