These adorable cameras look like a toy made entirely out of plastic bricks, but they’re actually functional. Each 2 megapixel Nanoblock Digital Camera contains 16GB of memory, plugs directly into a computer via USB, and can shoot up to 60 minutes of continuous video. The camera also comes with 28 extra Nanoblocks (aka tiny Japanese LEGOs) so you can customize the camera’s appearance. Depending on how funny your design ends up, you’re pretty much guaranteed genuine smiles in all of your portraits. Just make sure you have the same sense of humor as the person you’re photographing—otherwise you’ll end up like me and have nothing but photos of fists. It’s actually a series and it’s called “People who can’t take a joke”—not to be confused with the series of people shouting on toilets called “People who don’t like to be photographed in public restrooms.”

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  1. Crowther Amanda-Beth

    Cool idea