Why waste your breath reading bedtime stories to the kids when there’s an app for that? I KID! I’m actually having a little trouble warming up to the concept behind Smart PJs, the world’s first and only interactive pajamas. What looks like a basic pair of long john-style pajamas, actually has a series of codes all over them that, when scanned, will give you a bedtime story for you and the little one. When a camera on a tablet or phone is held over the dots, the free app will launch an interactive bedtime story or show other types of educational content, including photos of animals or objects. Or you could just grab those things with pages, that are filled with words and sit on shelves.

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  1. Liza

    don’t like at all… we should stimulate the opposite, spend more time with your kids, talk and read to them!!!

  2. dano

    if you are too lazy or busy to read or speak to your kid, don’t have a kid.

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