This is the Rolognese Spaghetti Fork. It’s a fork that’s equipped with a crank for OPTIMAL PASGHETTI EATING. Is this… the future? To use it, just stab those squirmy noods, turn the handle, and shove that wad of carbs down your throat. Easy! Donkey Products is selling the fork for about $13. They say it’s for kids, but do you think that’s gonna stop me from buying one for myself? No. What’s gonna stop me is that I don’t need silverware — I eat with my hands! Also, I’m on a pretty tight budget right now and it does NOT include novelty utensils.

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  1. Melody Scott

    I love this! Thanks for this incredible things blog, I love it. Your comments are searingly on point, and the self-teasing you do makes me laugh every time.