OMG, Barbie be barefoot and pregant, yall! Jk jk, it’s actually some kind of bizarro world Barbie doll who is capable of getting pregnant because I’m assuming she’s actually got privates. Still no nipples though! Well, you know what they say: you can’t win em all. Judith comes with a spring-loaded baby in her belly. The best part is after she’s popped that little sucker out, she retains that flat stomach she was rocking pre-getting knocked up. You know, just like what happens in real life! Watch the video to see a live baby doll birth! [youtube] pregnant-barbie-3

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  1. melissa

    This was written 5 hours ago… But ..Not a new or original story..was covered a few days ago on another site.. I believe this doll is from the 80’s?

  2. Лия

    Да, такую куклу впервые я увидела в 1989. Уверена, что они необходимы в качестве наглядных пособий, что б ответить ребёнку 5-6 лет на вопрос “Откуда я взялся”.

  3. Monica

    I actually had this when I was young !! Oh my… until my friend stole it from me FROM MY BEDROOM when we’re having a sleepover.

  4. Malene

    Hahah! I think my neighbour actually had one of these! magic!

  5. Malene

    Oh, and I thought she had one with twins! but that I must have remembered wrong..but after watching the video, I’m pretty sure there was a twin version!

  6. Kay

    This isn’t a barbie. Mattel actually made one with Barbie and that was the one that could have twins.

  7. irma girard

    I feel this is not appropriate for young. Children

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