Remember playing Monopoly as a kid with your siblings? The rivalry, the cheating, the fighting—and that was just to pick who went first. Part of the fun of Monopoly (at least in my house) was seeing what you can get away with, whether it was slipping $500 bills under the board or negotiating your way out of rent (get out of jail free cards make great currency). But the new modern monopoly introduces a new “big brother” that doesn’t tolerate cheating. No one plays as the bank teller (eliminating human error) because the tower in the center of the board handles all of your transactions. Sort of like an ATM machine meets online banking meets CCTV, it also handles your dice rolls, takes care of your property and it even makes sure you move to the right spot on the board. So basically the only thing you do yourself is exactly what the tower overloads tell you to. Interesting commentary on how the world has changed Hasbro.

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