Oh my god, 5th grade me is screaming so hard right now. Annnnnnnnnd so is grown up me. I… think my neighbor just called the police. But who cares? Lisa Frank stuff is being sold at Urban Outfitters for a limited time! They’ve got Trapper Keepers, folders, erasers, notebooks, cards, stickers, all of which come in that signature Lisa Frank flair. You know, like a Teddy Bear riding a unicorn, a cow wearing sunglasses, rainbows, hearts, and of course, dolphins. What would Lisa Frank be without dolphins? *shudders* Yeah, you’re right… I don’t even want to think about it.

BONUS: a must-watch video featuring an interview of Lisa Frank herself at her headquarters. It also includes an ad from 1993 starring Mila Kunis. Weird! Also — mega jelly!

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Via: collegecandy.com

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