This is the Ant-O-Sphere! Soooo cool. You know I like to collect bugs. Oh, you didn’t know that…? Well, maybe you should start paying attention more. You’ve been a really shitty friend lately, but if you start acting right I will convince your mom to get you the Ant-O-Sphere. Then I will come over and play with it all the time while your mom makes me sandwiches and tells you that you should be more like me. I can see it now, you will roll your eyes and try to choke on your PB & J. Ants are going to go completely nuts when they see this thing. It’s all futuristic and space-y. Ants love that kinda stuff. Omigod I just thought of the cutest thing… an ant in a little space suit and helmet! Eeee, you know how I feel about tiny things in costume. Seriously? Wow, you’re really trying to pretend like you weren’t aware of this fun fact about me? Now you’re just being a jerk…

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