Barbie maker Mattel knows that it’s not just little girls who like to dress up in pretty clothes and high heels. That’s why they’ve commissioned a Drag Queen Barbie from NYC design house The Blonds. The new doll will be available online in December, just in time for my annual Drag Queen Christmas party! Just kidding, I don’t have parties. I have “send out invitiations, buy snacks and booze, decorate the place, and spend the night alone wondering why no one showed up” events. The only thing I’m confused about is, why wouldn’t they just make little wigs and heels to fit Ken? He’s like the original drag queen. When Barbie’s out taking Skipper and her friends to the mall, Ken is forever trying on her clothes, dancing in front of the mirror, and singing “I’m the prettiest boy of all!” And he is. He really, really is.


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  1. Olivia

    Why so drag queens can feel terrible about themselves too?

  2. christin

    looks the same as the “orginal” barbie……what is the difference?

  3. Kelly r

    Totally not condescending at all.

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