This is a video of children reacting to rotary phones. It’s pretty priceless if you can get past feeling like you’re ancient as fuuuuu. True story: I used to be a nanny. I’m just as surprised as you are that someone entrusted me with their children aside, those kids made me feel OLD. The first time they ever got in my car they asked where my car TV was. When I was like “I don’t have a car TV,” the older one pointed at my CD collection and asked “Then why do you have DVDs in here?” It was the perfect time to explain to them that mommy and daddy don’t pay me enough to have things like car TVs and iPods, they only paid me enough to live like I’m from the 90s with a Sony CD Walkman hooked up to a tape adapter. Yeah, those kids looked down on me for the no car TV thing, but they thought the crank to roll the windows up and down was cool as hell. So I had that going for me.

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  1. Darzolo Kelley Bledsoe

    you didnt have long distance charges on those lol we didnt have area codes then lolol