I don’t know much about One Direction, except teenage girls are obsessed with them. So obsessed, in fact, that they will drag their dear old dads to the concert as an adult chaperone. To a grown ass man with earholes born last century, the grossly manufactured pop music and high pitched screaming is hell. This is evident in these photos taken by Imgurian jlct. The series is called Dads of the One Direction Concert and hopefully jlct will continue to add to the collection of photos. Except that would mean that jlct would have to attend another concert. Or maybe that’s the whole point? Yeah I can see it now: “Oh me? I’m just going to the One Direction concert to take pictures of depressed dads. *whispering under breath* Plus, Harry is soooo cute.





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Via: Schlecky Silberstein


  1. jesus

    Buncha pedophiles

  2. Storm

    Jesus, your profile pic can’t fool me! I know you’re a pedophile too!

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