I know what you’re thinking: “What am I looking at and why the hell do they cost two hundred bucks?” These are Cubelets, which are small building blocks that aim to set themselves apart from traditional versions, as they all have mechanical parts in them. Some are capable of actions like driving or rotating. The magnetic blocks connect and coordinate with one another, and can easily be assembled to make things like working robots. They respond to light, sound, and temperature, and have surprisingly lifelike behavior. And while I’m sure they are loads of fun, at this price, they might not get much playtime.

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  1. Truthiness

    We don’t have to wait and see, I’ll tell you right now that the answer is no.

  2. Fenriq

    Part of the reason why I love Legos is that they don’t need batteries, they don’t need screens, they don’t need to be programmed. They snap together, you build and create.

    These things may be groovy and fun to play with but I can’t see them replacing Legos in my house anytime soon.

  3. sven oliver


    It may be a surprise for you, but Lego developed Mindstorm ages ago, and it has batteries, screens and needed to be programmed. The kids love it – and the universities love it too: you can find Lego Mindstorms in nearly every chair in robotics.

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