Babies: they’re bald. If they’re not, it’s probably because they hung out in the womb for an extra couple of months or whatever. I don’t know! I’m not a doctor. Not a medical doctor, anyway! Or any kind of doctor. But I do know a doctor — Dr. Pepper. He’s a soda! Plus my U.S. History professor in college. True story. Riveting, I know. Amanda Lillie, owner of Etsy shop TheLilliePad, was tired of seeing bald babies and decided to do something about it. She makes Cabbage Patch Kid style wigs to fit on baby heads. And grown up baby heads, too! You can buy the pattern or, if you’re not skilled at crotcheting, request a custom order and she’ll whip up a wig for you. Or your baby. Yeah, why don’t you start with the baby and go from there?



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