Note: Video of the Baby Vroom Vrooms in action after the break!

Macomber Fiberglass Bodies custom made this Cadillac baby stroller. It was entered into the Monthly Muscle Car Show in Plano, Texas, where it won first place in the Open Car class. As you can see, it’s got fire shooting out of the tailpipes and is waaaay cooler than anything anyone’s ever let me drive. Kids these days, amirite? I know a 6-year-old (we’re business associates) who has an iPhone. What the hell does a child need with an iPhone? I don’t know!!! When I was growing up, I made a phone out of some string and two old, rusty tomato cans and got tetanus. Those were the days. Now we’ve got a kid cruising around in a tricked out Caddy? C’mon, I bet he doesn’t even have a license!

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  1. Zach

    Scenario 1) Jet of flame. Pants on fire. Dad embarrasses self runninng/screaming in circles lit aflame as child’s first memory of dad is seared in for eternity.

    Scenario 2) Jet of flame. Child on fire. Dad embarrasses self while attempting to return “flaming child” to plain ol’ “child” status as child’s first memory of dad is him explaining to police where he found a stroller equipped with a fuel system, while inside children’s hospital.

    Either way, I’m getting 2.