I often worry about what kinds of people the babies of today will grow up to be. Then again, paranoid parents have probably been around forever and ever, you just hear about more of them now. Take this bodysuit, for instance. The BabyGlow bodysuit lets you know if your wee one’s temperature is too high. The fabric will change from pink or blue to white as baby’s fever rises about 98.6 degrees. Then as the baby’s temperature returns to normal, so does the color. Fever reducer manufacturers everywhere, rejoice.

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  1. Richard

    $40? Really? How about a $3 thing that clips/pins on to any outfit?

    Something that might be MORE helpful more often would be something that you could attach to your kiddo that would let you know that you need to unwrap them–you’ve bundled them up for 10 degree weather, get in the car, car warms up, baby’s burning up hot for several minutes before you think about it.