As if taxidermied animals weren’t creepy enough, Wild Things Taxidermy of Arizona has mounted this Antelope Ground Squirrel lassoing an Arizona Black Timber Rattlesnake. It was up for grabs on eBay for $549, but unfortunately has since been sold. Aw hell! This thing would’ve been a great piece to add to your weird collection. No wonder it sold so fast, just look at em. Hold on tight little doggy rodent, that snake looks like a reeeaaaaal arm jerker! What? I can talk the talk! This ain’t my first rodeo, ya know. Okay, yes, yes it is. Amidoingitrite?

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  1. mike

    how do I buy this?

  2. mike

    i need this in my life right now.

  3. NaturallyCurlyHair

    I saw this in a Prescott, AZ store this last weekend…