All bunnies are fluffy, but the Angora rabbit takes the prize for World’s Fluffiest. Let me be the first to say OMG, EEEEE SO CUTE! I mean, look at that thing. Is there even a bunny in there? ‘Cause it looks like a pile of fluffiness with a rabbit face tacked on it. Apparently Angora rabbits are bred for their fluffy wool and NOT for their fluffy adorableness. Huh? Hey breeders, you’re doing it wrong! You start hocking these things based on their utter fluffing cuteness and business will be through the roof. Just kidding, don’t go around hocking these guys — just give them all to me. Come to mama! I’ll give you all the carrots your little fluffy hearts desire.



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Via: Rite Mail


  1. meow


  2. agnes


  3. Gleeleegoolu

    So the Asian woman’s name is Bunny?

  4. TheDragonDoji

    Wouldn’t last a *day* on Watership Down

  5. anny

    does it do windows

  6. eww

    i bet its not that white in the back… dingelberries

  7. Jenifer

    Betty Chu, the breeder who raises these Giant Angora rabbits,is the only breeder who has won an American Rabbit Breeder’s Association National Convention with an Angora Rabbit!

  8. hoxuck

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  9. spiderman

    *Raises hand*

  10. don

    Drops mic……

  11. Tazzykiki

    i want to play in it’s fur…omg