I don’t know anyone who has actually been sent to sleep “in the dog house.” Come to think of it, I don’t even know anyone who actually has a dog house. It is just a saying, right? However, if I were looking into purchasing one for my pups, the Living Roof Dog House would top the list. Inspired by traditional Swedish sod-roofed cabins, the handcrafted in Washington cedar dog house features a ready-to-plant metal roof. Not only does the gabled roof become a picturesque garden, it will also provide natural insulation for this not-so-humble canine abode.

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  1. Vet Yarrabilba

    Nice roofing but price is a little too high. Not so humble really.

  2. Harri

    Some dog would love to live in this one, right. I think this is cool.

  3. Defafan

    Who is actually brainless enough to spend that much on something you could make so easily? Not impressed.