This year, the United States Postal Service is releasing a book of stamps featuring cats. And yes, other pets, too. But mainly CATS. Out of the 20 stamps, 2 will feature photos of the feline variety — a kitten and a grown-ass kitty. Unfortunately the USPS missed a primo opportunity: using the correct spelling of Forever to denote Forever stamp status, instead of, you know, Furrever. Come on, USPS. Step up your pun game!



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Via: I Heart Cats


  1. Joan Rutstein

    Please edit what you wrote above….the post office is not issuing a book of cat stamps as you stated along with posting. There are only 2 cat stamps! People are sharing this thinking it is a complete book of cat stamps!!!!!!

  2. Robin

    mainly cats? 2 of 20? that’s only 10% lol

  3. Ham

    These cat chicks are pissed. lol

  4. Marnee

    Awww I wish it was all kitty stamps. Love ’em anyways,

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