This is Schildi. He’s a tortoise. The little guy lost a leg so vets hooked him up with a LEGO wheel instead. Now the little duder is crusing like it’s nobody’s business. Because it’s not! He’s a grown-ass man-tortoise and he can come and go as he pleases. Am I… getting too invested in this? I’m getting to invested in this, aren’t I? But! But it’s a tortoise with a wheel for a leg! How can I NOT be overly invested, writing fan fic, sending gift baskets, and creating petitions for him to be our next president? Schildi 2016!

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Via: Gizmodo


  1. Kimberly Erin

    aww, that’s cute. I especially love the fact that it is a lego wheel.

  2. Emily Hill Jordan

    Cant be any slower than the ObamaCare website! Schildi has my vote! : )