The Rogz Grinz Ball Dog Toy by Porky Hefer Design makes it look like your dog has a big, dumb grin on his or her face. You could even say it’s a shit eating grin and you wouldn’t be wrong because dogs eat lots of shit. Cat crap straight out of the litter box is practically a delicacy. This dog ball is actually a great way to get back at them for all the gross, stupid stuff they do. They just think they’re playing with a ball, but little do they know we’re mocking them. And you can mock them to their face as long as you use a nice voice. “Aww who’s a stupid poop eater? You are! Yes you are!” Hehe, suckers.

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  1. Sue Hanson

    I’m always looking for new balls for my border collie who is obsessed with chasing balls. She goes through a lot of them and I love this ball. I may have to order some.

    Thanks for the tweet!