Go ahead and file this one under “Things That Make You Go ‘Eeeee!’ And ‘Daaawww!'” Caffrey is a kitty. A kitty with only 2 legs. The 2 on the left, to be exact. The right ones? There’s no telling where the right ones ran off to, but I’m willing to bet there’s a six-legged cat out there. Ooookay, he actually lost them in a car accident ten years ago. I hope his ghost legs are haunting the shit out of that driver. The good news? He’s learned to cope with the 2 legs he’s got. Just look at him go! Good Lord he makes walking look easy. Me? I’m more prone to laying down and asking people to bring things to me. Like a fresh soda or a bed pan. On a completely unrelated note, my roommate just put in his 30 days notice. So, any takers? Rule Number 1 of the apartment is you gotta bring me things. Rule Number 2 is I’m a little short on this month’s rent. Think you could float me the cash?

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  1. A_Leigh_S

    Aw, Caffrey! Poor cute lil fur ball! I wish I had two Kitty legs to share with you!