It’s not even lunchtime, but this is definitely the cutest thing you’ll see all day: a little baby dolphin. She was found at just ten days old, beached in Montevido City, Uruguay. Good people at a marine fauna reserve nursed the teensy sea munchkin back to health. Well, that’s adorable! I can’t even. Like, literally I can’t — BRB, squeeing my face off.





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  1. Victoria

    What kind of dolphin is that?

  2. Midge

    South American River Dolphin

  3. Jahangir

    Cute :)

    I wish I could hold it in my hands.

  4. squatty

    a penis

  5. The MILKMAN

    They’re actually “Fresh water dolphins” from the Amazon river basin. The Silver Springs attraction near Ocala, Florida, imported a few of them from South America in the 60’s & planned on training them for a Dolphin show at the springs. But they couldn’t adjust to Florida’s climate and died from illness & parasites. They actually had one of them “Stuffed” & it’s on display there.