It ain’t right how you’ve been tying your dog’s leash to your bicycle and making him keep up with you. Instead, try this much safer and more humane way to travel with your doggy. Designed by the makers of the Skaterack, the Fairdale Dograck provides a convenient place to keep your pooch while you ride your bike. Fairdale insists that it works great for most breeds and has been tested with cats, raccoons and turtles. No word on whether or not it’s suitable for carrying drunk midgets, so you’ll have to let us know if you try.

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  1. Joel

    I seriously hope not.

  2. Liz

    This looks pretty dangerous in my opinion (lets get some paws in those spokes)! And uncomfortable for the dog (no padding?). How about a side car instead.

  3. Erik

    Are you kidding? This is absolutely stupid and looks uncomfortable and dangerous for the dog not to mention the totally out of balance bike.

    I’m calling BS on this.

  4. Chris

    It’s a total fake, look at the dogs tail in the image, photoshopped.

  5. Bob Fairlane

    A bicycle will stabilize quickly, even with a load on the side, but past a certain weight, any bike will be straining the wheels and frame, and awkward to turn.

    The dog does not look happy. hahaha. I’ve seen all kinds of nutty contraptions with springs and leashes, even sled-dog type arrangements on trikes. This just looks silly.