While we love our pets dearly for their companionship and free spirits, we have to admit that they could work on their hygiene, not to mention their sense of shame. Some cats and dogs seem almost proud of their backside, always putting it up in your face as you scratch their back. Obviously little pants wouldn’t be practical, but Rear Gear Butt Covers do the trick by dangling in front of the bits you’d rather not see. They come in designs like fuzzy dice, cupcake, number one ribbon, biohazard symbol and more. Sure, butt covers are among the weirder pet products out there, but with a slogan like “No more Mr. Brown eye” we can totally get behind them.

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  1. cant

    that girl is gorgeous

  2. Rangutan

    I find this silly and against animal rights. Even worse is dressing animals like people! :-(
    Some people should rather cover themselves?

  3. Samantha

    So what happens when your dog has to take a shit?

    Have fun removing that thing.

  4. michelle

    That’s just ridiculous. And a biohazard to handle. Why isn’t nature good enough?

    PS, I’d LOVE to see people pull that crap with a cat…….

  5. ...

    It’s a disc tied to the dog’s tail. If someone can’t make this at home themselves then they’ve got issues.

  6. The World

    What. The. Fuck.

    Are you Americans trying to parody your own ‘culture’ now?

  7. Thomas George

    This is insane! I agree with Samantha… how will the dog poop!?

  8. Monoke

    Looks like it’d cut off circulation to the tail. And really… 5 bucks for something I could make myself?

  9. Mister Butt

    String?? Damn. I thought it would be like a pacifier. XD OTOH, I could be talked into “covering” the objectionable parts of the woman in the picture… :D

  10. GermanGirl

    WTF?!?! If you spend that much time looking at your dog or cats butt hole, you need psychological help. Plus you and your dog will look retarded!

  11. Kayla

    I recently purchased and wore this item and found it very comfortable and stylish

  12. Kelly

    How do you go about washing those…

  13. Gareth

    Why is she smiling?

  14. tina

    this is stupid, great job wasting time

  15. Ashley

    This is the dumbest post.

  16. Val

    This is cute, but my dog will freak out, he’ll think something is out to get his butt hahaha

  17. Mary Ellen Degnan

    of course, if our animals were so “indiscreet”, we would have to regale them with chanel/armani garments to honor their dignity. anyone want to do “couture” posterior covers, please contact goldie or mare degnan-nix.

  18. Jim

    The most retarded thing I have ever seen in my life!

  19. ellen degeneris

    I’m gettin one for the ol’ lady to remind me which hole to get into !!