Because some people have to learn their lessons the hard way, here’s a man getting his lips bit after trying to kiss his pet snapping turtle. No means no, sir! But seriously: expecting a snapping turtle to NOT snap is like asking an ugly person not to cry when they look in the mirror. It’s just what they do. Yeah, that was a lot more poetic and a lot less depressing when I said it in my mind.




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  1. SameeColon

    That’s not even the same dude. Racist.

  2. Aster Eben-Scot

    Come on they don’t even look alike, plus, snap turtles leave scars, and that amount of swelling might be from an insect sting instead than from a turtle bite(note also the eyes are part of the reaction)… ALSO, why are incredible things’ images blocked from “search google for this image” ???

  3. SameeColon

    Hah my comment earlier is being reviewed by moderators. I thought the same thing about it not being the same dude. Apparently it is, but the “after” picture is from when he got stung by a bug ages ago.

  4. Brittany High

    If they’re not the same person I’d say take it up with the original source (linked to at the end of the article).

    Oh and the “search google for this image” dealie works for me! Maybe it’s your browser?

  5. Aster Eben-Scot

    no clue, it works all the time but this :c