Each time you crave a icy cold treat on a hot day, think about your poor pooch. He’s covered in fur, so chances are, he’s a heck of a lot hotter than you are. There are a few frozen treats out there for dogs. I have tried one—well my dog did—and he wasn’t impressed.  If your dog has discriminating tastes, or you are eco-minded, you’re going to love Freezy Pups. Each kit of Freezy Pups Dog Treats comes with one bone-shaped ice cube tray and a sample packet of four organic gourmet recipes. So organic and gourmet, in fact, all the ingredients are real words and real foods. You can serve them as a treat on a hot day or melt a couple over your dog’s dry food for a delicious gravy. Refill packs are available so you can get more of your dog’s favorite flavors.

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