Here are tons of costumes for your pet rat. Orrrr the wild rat that you found in your back yard lapping up lighter fluid and eating charcoal out of the grill. That happened to you too? What a weird coincidence! Etsy shop Mischief Boutique is owned by a special kinda person. The type of person who’d not only dress up her pet rat, but also tell people about it. C’mon you gotta keep that embarrassing stuff under wraps! You don’t hear me going around telling the whole internet that I dress up in my mom’s clothes while she’s at work and boss the cats around and write pretend grocery lists with made up foods. You think I’d ever divulge such personal details like that? No. Because that’s embarrassing. And if anyone were to know that stuff about me, I’d be judged. Judged and subsequently and understandably exiled. So I keep my lips sealed. I tell no one. I’m taking it to the grave!

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  1. Deedee

    OMG!!! How do I find these to buy? And do you take custom orders?

  2. Datura

    These are PRECIOUS!

  3. Savannah

    My rat 8-Ball would be so cute as a bee!!!

  4. jj


  5. Brittany Ross

    Because I have no life, here is a list of what all of my babies would get a costume as:
    Omega – Mafia Boss, cigar included
    Alpha – A psychotic grandmama
    Gamma Ray – Stevie Wonder with a bucket of chicken waaaaangs
    Sweetheart – A beautiful angelic fairy angel princess
    Zeta & Beta – Wonder Twinsies!
    Bartholomew – a nerdy little boy, yes you are dee deed eee deed awahhh
    Avalon, Princess of Apple Island – The Princess of Apple Island, duh
    Hunter Achilles – Uhm Achilles, duh. lol.
    Bianca – A cutie little teeny bopper. BUT a 90’s teeny bopper. No Bieber.
    Precious – A safari outfit, with a blueprint of a house (aka ‘the frontier’) (FOR HER IT IS)
    Luna Ray – A witchy poo awwwh
    Felicity – A kitty cat, mrow. A sweet one though, not sassy.
    Athena – Athena, duh. TEEHEE.
    My rabbit Loulou – A speedracer!
    My rabbit Bean – A string bean!
    My hamster; Chicken Little, a baby chicken.
    My mice: Mr. Sniff – a scientist
    Miffy – A 50’s housewife
    Baby Opana – An indian princess
    Baby Tweak – A cute little methhead, awhh, not sure what kind of costume that is
    My scorpion Isis – a gothic/Victorian style Queen (how do you dress a scorpion up? Very damn carefully!)
    My cat Gypsy – a Gypsy, duhhh a hee hee
    My cat Theo – as Theo Huxtable, duhhhhhh…
    YAAAAY! Someone make these!

  6. Ahran Jang

    oh my goodness! this is amazing. i wish i was talented like you! i should make some for my rats, too.

  7. monika

    this is breathtaking. Think I will take sime sewing lessons. you are brilliant. Think my first attempt would be a a Koala out fit , beeing the good ausy I am.

  8. Penelope'sOwner

    My rat, Penelope would look ADORABLE in that
    But I wonder how people would react to her…
    They might get grossed out (She’s so cute though!!!)

  9. Brittany High

    Who cares if other people are grossed out… I WANT TO SEE THIS! Buy it, take pictures, show them to me pls

  10. Brittany High

    This needs to happen YESTERDAY

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