This is a bad ass Octopus Pipe by Etsy shop LoudActions. It’s soooo cool. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have eight hands? Then you could be all puff puff puff puff puff puff puff puff pass! But for $600? I can’t afford that mess! I mean, come on, I need that cash for weed money! And isn’t that just a perfect example of the cruel world we live in today? I could afford this pipe if I gave up smoking, but if I gave up smoking, I would… Maaaan, I love this song! What was I talking about? Aw forget it. Hey, if you pack a bowl I’ll let you drive me to Taco Bell. Your treat!

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  1. Urmomz

    Cheap pipes arent nice. Nice pipes arent cheap. Food for thought 😉

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