Not everyone is lucky enough to be a work-from-home blogger, with plenty of time to set up each and every feeding for their babies and animals. Come to think of it, I would make an amazing cat lady if I didn’t have two dogs, a child and a husband…but I digress. Phillip Wu, designer of The Gatefeeder., needed a way to make sure his cats were getting properly fed (and medicated, in the case of one poor, sick kitty) while he spent long hours at work. So he designed this unique controlled-access home feeding system. The Gatefeeder works with a collar-mounted smart ID tag to limit proper servings to the proper pet. Helping to organize meals in multiple-cat homes, it is especially helpful when one of the feline crew needs medication. Best of all, because the cats must be wearing their own tag to get their kibble, you can rest assured knowing your mega fat cat won’t steal all of the rations you leave out.

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