Warp speed ahead Mr Inu! Famous on the internet comedian, photoshopper, and corgi lover Benjamin Grelle (aka Frogman) created a series of images featuring dogs sticking their heads out of the window at warp speeds. Everyone knows that doggies LOVE sticking their head out of car windows to feel the wind blow through their jowls. It stands to reason that sticking their heads out the window at warp speed in a spaceship would be even better than doing it in a car. First of all, space is awesome. Second of all, no bugs. Third of all, SPACE IS AWESOME. Just look how happy these dogs are. They don’t even care about how silly they look, which is why I relate to dogs more than people. It’s like, “Yeah I dropped my ice cream on the ground, and no I’m not going to let it go to waste. So obviously I’m going to lick it off the ground.” Humans. So judgemental.






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