In the latest “OMG, what the hell is wrong with taxidermists, can you people seriously just stop already?” news, there’s this horrifying thing. It’s called the “Orvillecopter“ and it’s Dutch artist Bart Jansen’s way of paying homage to his dead cat Orville who was killed by a car. I probably would have gone with a poem or a painting of him frolicking in a field chasing butterflies, but I guess this works too. But despite the fact that the Orvillecopter will most certainly make small children (and me) cry, think of the effect it would have on any jerk who has ever hit a cat with their car. One day you kill a cat with your car and the next day it’s flying at your head looking for revenge! And cheezburgers… but mostly revenge!

Update: Check out the video of the Orvillecopter in action.

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  1. Hud

    Best article title OF ALL TIME! Nicely done.

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