Brooklynite Sandra Z. Zzz is giving away this human sized hamster wheel on Craigslist. Did you catch that? He’s giving a human sized hamster wheel away. For free. WTF? If I was so fortunate as to own a human sized hamster wheel, I would not even part with it for any price. And here this duder is giving away this mess for free! PLUS he’s throwing in 50 pounds of shredded newspaper. According to Sandra, the hamster wheel is ruining his social life, like, he can’t function as a normal human being or whatever. Pshh! Social life is overrated. And of course you can no longer function as a normal human being — you are functioning on a whole new level. You’re totally enlightened, man! You’re making a huge mistake getting rid of this thing. One day you’re going to look back on this and be filled with the painful sting of regret. That said, how much to ship this baby out to Los Angeles? I’m asking for a friend.


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  1. Dark kiky0

    Who wrote this article, a 12 year old?

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