There’s a Hello Kitty version of everything. Case in point: the HK airline, fruit, spa, wine, dentist, toilet paper. And now it’s been brought to my attention that there’s even a Hello Kitty caterpillar! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? WTF Mother Nature? Daaawww! The Chinese Bush Brown Butterfly aka Mycalesis gotama has a regular-looking caterpillar body, but an adorable, squishy (I’m assuming) Hello Kitty-esque face. And of course, the the kittypillar lives in Japan. Of course. Why do you guys get to have all the cute stuff? Well, you guys can keep the cute stuff — at least we’ve got pizza! Wait, what do you mean “We have pizza too”? You get all the cute stuff AND you get pizza? Alright, I’m getting the F outta here. Someone drive me to Japan?






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Via: DesignTAXI