Generally, we here at Incredible Things are not too public about our respective political stances. Being too outspoken is exactly how Facebook flame wars happen. By the end of it all there’s just one dude left and he’s not even debating anymore. He’s just pointing out grammatical errors like, “it’s you’re and not your! btw your beliefs are stupid!!!!” Friendships are lost. But all of this is before a feline showed up our political radar. Hank the cat is running for senate as a Virginia representative. He’s standing with the slogan “Milk In Every Bowl” and I imagine other worthy causes like “Catnip 4 All” and “Catz Rule, Dogz Drool.” You can find more about his political stance at his website or join his Facebook fan page. My cats are ultra jelly right now. I had to cancel their Facebook accounts because they were being to catty (!!!!) on the interwebs. Cyberbullies come in all shapes and sizes folks! If I was a registered to vote in Virginia, I’d sure as hell vote for Hank. I just wonder how he’s gonna handle biz when he’s napping 90% of the time!

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