This is the giant inflatable pink flamingo. Your neighbors are gonna love it. If it, in fact, exists and is actually available for purchase. I say that because it’s April Fools week and the product site on says “SNEAK PEEK! COMING APRIL OF 2016!” and encourages you sign up for their newsletter which all seems very fishy to me. Seriously, after working on the internet for all these years, April Fools is the reason I have trust issues. Well, April Fools and my ex boyfriend. Or, really, my ex boyfriends. Haha, can’t very well blame all this baggage on just one! You were all equally terrible in your own way. I’ll give you that. But hey, don’t be hard on yourselves — April Fools has still got you beat.



Thanks to Dee for sending in the tip! If that is your real name. I believe nothing!

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