My dogs are so f***ing unbelievably terrible, I threaten to sell them to gypsies in exchange for a set of pots and pans on a near daily basis. I don’t even care if the pots are rusty and pans got holes in the bottom, it’d be better than dealing with shit-breath and doo-doo on the rug. But this DIY Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed is giving me a whole different perspective: instead I could just trick¬† them into crawling into this comfy looking bed, slam it shut, punch a few air-holes in the top and mail it off to somewhere far away and include no return address might as well keep the dogs who do absolutely nothing all day if it warrants having such cute accessories lying around the house! Plus, this gives a whole new meaning to the expression “living out of a suitcase,” does it not? I’ve been trying to do that for years.

Head over to ReadyMade for the tutorial. Oh, and after you make yours, can you help me make mines? I got fat fingers and this project requires the use of scissors.

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  1. Pixanne

    This dog owner has some real issues and shouldn’t own dogs at all. There are so many inappropriate words I wouldn’t know where to begin. I hope someone will offer to take her dogs and let her look for other cute accessories.

  2. Jorks

    @ Pixanne, I’m pretty sure the writer was being jocular. Also, you don’t own dogs, you just take care of them.