This is an amazing 911 call from a panicked family. They were being attacked by their 22 pound cat. That… is one big-ass kitty. Dangerous, too! The story goes that the cat scratched the family’s baby, so the baby’s daddy kicked the cat in the rump, causing the cat to rage and the family to take refuge in the bedroom. Even the dog GTFO. In the recording, you can actually hear the cat losing his G-D mind. I don’t blame him! You know what I did to the last person who kicked me in the butt? I didn’t give their shoe back. Yeah, it got stuck in there and I was like “You know what? You’re not getting this thing back. Karma, man!” Nice boot, too. Now I keep it as a souvenir on my coffee table. It’s like a conversation starter. People are like “Uh why is there a shoe here?” and I’m all “You don’t even wanna know!”

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  1. Morgan Allen

    It’s a cat… it’s small compared to a human. Lock the lil shit in the bathroom… Seriously?

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